The Strategy and Campaign Creation offerings center around the use of social media to achieve specific business goals other than general brand awareness.

Short and long-term strategies are developed by research into the social media landscape of close competition and industry leaders, leading to a general plan for development in the chosen metric area. Once the strategy is in place, a campaign of posting, commenting, liking, and engaging your followers can be developed and scheduled to meet the metric. Once the campaign has completed the data is analyzed and a set of best practices is developed for the specific platform and/or metric moving forward.

Campaigns can be centered around a short-term goal, like a sale or an event, or to a long-term goal, like gaining thousands of followers or becoming an industry influencer. The most effective campaigns include an ad buy, and those costs are not included in the quoted rates.

Strategy creation and campaign creation can function as two separate entities so you can get an initial strategy drawn up without having to commit to a full campaign. These strategies can also be used as guides for Social Media Management.  If you do not have the type of content the strategy recommends, you can combine these sessions with content creation services.

These services are best for businesses that want to invest money into the social media ecosystem and wish to advertise regularly or have aggressive follower acquisition goals.

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