On to a New Adventure!

There comes a time in every artist’s life where they have to take the big leap of faith and strike out on their own! …. Right? After many years of helping arts non-profits with their blogs, program notes, social media accounts, websites, grants (…etc.) I am setting myself up a slice of the internet so I can throw open my virtual doors to and help everyone.

The written word is not hard, but it is time consuming. I know from working in the arts that the last thing you want to be doing is posting a blog on your website or updating Instagram – you want to be focusing on your business! This is where I come in. Blog post? You tell me what you want, I will write it and send it to you. BAM! Your blog is updated. Need to tell your loyal customers about a great deal but don’t want to have to write an email blast? Send the info to me, and I will craft an email that will have everyone clicking though the links. Ever want to write an ebook or a long form article? I can sit down with you (via Skype or coffee house) and help you come up with a structure, pace your narrative, and check your style. It will be ready for uploading in no time!

I hope that my skills in the written word can help everyone get their ideas and their passions out there – let’s get together and tell the world all about you!

YouTube Video Editing

I am really excited about a new offering – editing YoutTube videos! I have created three videos for one of my clients, and I have had a blast through the whole process!

It all begins with the video shoot. The client comes with a script that was a fleshed out idea that came up in a strategy or brainstorming session. I commandeer part of a room and set up all of my equipment, wire the subject, and off we go! The nervousness usually wears off in a half hour, and the rest is work sprinkled with laughter.

I then take the raw footage and begin to assemble it. The editing process requires a number of other elements as well, such as any logo animations, title cards, thumbnails, music and sound effects. I weave a story together based on the footage and the needs of my clients. Once complete I render it out and upload it to youtube as an unlisted video. The client watches the video and we go through a round of tightening – then it’s live!

Youtube has its own video grammar, so just putting together a “normal” video is not the best use of time or resources. I never knew that my Youtube habit would come in handy!

Check out some of the videos I have edited for brilliant-journeys.com below



Photo by Jacob Miller on Unsplash