Social Media Management takes your photos, videos, and other content, captions, and hashtags it appropriately, and makes sure that it goes out to the chosen social media profiles at their scheduled times.

You don’t have to worry about posting to social media multiple times a week, choosing the right photo, or knowing what to say. Sometimes User Generated content or topical posts from industry leaders will be reposted to create variety and bring additional value to your followers.

Each client is scheduled through Hootsuite or Later, which automates the postings, and has complete access to the scheduled posts. Posting frequency is dependent on the level of service, but ranges from 3-6 days a week. Instagram is a special case; there a number of options to deal with the User Agreement restrictions on third-party posting. Higher levels of service include liking, commenting, and following other SM users to build followings.

This service category is good for the business that wants to consistently post on social media to create brand awareness and social media presence. If you would like a deeper analysis than the set-up consultation, a short or long-term strategy can be created as a guide. Other A La Cartè items can be combined with this level of service to meet short-term needs.

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